• Vintage Analog Recording Console
    1980's era Trident T24 24 buss Vintage Analog Recording Console, from London England

    "Many have tried, but failed in imitating this sound. Many claim to have the "British EQ" incorporated into their consoles. Don't be fooled by hype and false promise. There is only one company with the knowledge and commitment to providing the studio owner with this rugged, flexible, and truly unique sounding recording console" -www.dancetech.com

    Modifications that were made to the console involved the replacement of all op amps with newer revised texas instruments chips. and replacement of all coupling and de-coupling caps with high quality vishay/dale high temp low e.s.r. electrolytics. In addition, a solid copper ground buss bar .5" in thickness was added to give the Trident a very solid ground plane in which to reference all the signals and power supply voltages to. This modification enhanced the noise floor and helped to strengthen low frequency response and accuracy. A new and completely redesigned master section mixbuss amplifier and buffer amplifier regime was also added.  Utilizing op amps from John Hardy and custom transformers that very closely resemble API 2430 output transformers, this mod made the most difference sonically and unveils a level of detail and frequency response that the stock Trident lacked.  You will like how your music sounds and the resolution this hybrid Trident provides. 


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  • Speakers
    Barefoot Micromain 35
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  • Microphones
    Neumann U87 legendary 1967 design, large dual diaphragm condenser mic

    Royer R-122 bi-directional ribbon microphone (x2)

    Telefunken M16 (9 pattern) tube microphone

    Blue Mouse cardioid condenser microphone

    AKG :
    w/ C12 capsule (stereo pair)
    Solid "Tube"
    tube microphone

    Audio Technica:

    Beta 52

    Beyer Dynamic:
    M260 (ribbon)


    Electro Voice:
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  • Microphone PreAmplifiers
    API 3124+ (4 ch.)
    designed to be 4 API 512C (originally from 1967) in one rack unit

    Universal 610 Tube (3 ch.)
    tube preamp and eq originating in 1960 was used on many classic recordings by Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughan. The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, the Doors LA Woman, and Jackson 5

    Chandler Ltd. Germanium
    class A transformer balanced preamp with DI

    Trident (36 ch.)

    custom tube preamp
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  • Analog Tape and HD Digital Recorders
    Pro Tools HD TDM / 24ch I/O 192kHzMacintosh G5 (loaded)

    OTARI MTR-90 24 track 2" Analog Tape Recorder
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  • Dynamics
    Chandler Ltd. TG1 Abbey Road EMI Stereo Compressor
    A recreation of the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles from the late 60's.

    Universal Audio 1176LN Limiter/Compressor
    Legendary 1960's era American designed compressor

    Manley Stereo Variable MU Tube Compressor
    all-tube mastering compressor/limiter based on the 60's classic Fairchild compressor

    Empirical Labs Distressor (x2ch) with Brit mod and stereo link
    digitally controlled analog compressor offering versatile operation and harmonic distortion generator

    Altec 436C Variable MU Vintage Tube Compressor
    1960's era tube compressor used in MoTown and EMI (Abbey Road) studios

    dbx 160A Compressor (x2ch)
    late 1970's solid state American compressor, gained popularity during the 1980's pop rock explosion

    API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor
    modern solid state analog stereo buss/mastering compressor / limiter

    SPL Transient Designer (4ch)
    modern digitally controlled analog transient processing, German engineered

    Urei 1178 Vintage Stereo Compressor
    vintage 1970's stereo "Silverface" 1176 compressor
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  • Equalizers
    Chandler Ltd. TG12345 "Curvebender" Abbey Road EMI Stereo Mastering EQ
    based on the vintage 1968 EMI TG12345 desk used to record The Beatles and Pink Floyd.
    API 550b Parametric EQ (2ch)
    1960's American analog equalizer

    Trident (36ch)
    true "British" equalizers with variable high pass filters

    Chandler Germanium Tone Control (mono)
    "Beneath this innocent exterior lies a growling analogue beast that can help you create some truly unique sounds....."
    Sound on Sound The World's Best Music Recording Magazine
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  • Outboard Effects
    EchoPlate Vintage Analog Plate Reverb:
    classic artificial reverb used on "Thriller" and other 80's pop and rock hits.

    (for less Reverb you physically dampen the metal plate)

    Yamaha Analog Delay E1010

    Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Hall/Plate Reverb:
    Vintage 80's 8 Bit Digital (Nintendo was 8 bit)

    Yamaha SPX90

    Roland Space Echo - Analog Tape Delay
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  • Digital Processing/Plugins
    Waves Diamond HD TDM Bundle

    Antares Auto-Tune
    many various plugins
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  • Amplifiers
    Leslie (Rotary Speaker) Cabinet

    Fender Champ Vintage Tube (silver face)
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  • Instruments
    Rhodes Vintage Mark I Electric Piano

    Fender American Vintage (reissue) Jazz Bass

    Epiphone Rivoli II (hollow body)

    Epiphone Thunderbird

    Fender Jagstang

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