Here are answers to some common questions. If you woud like further information, or are interested in recording at the Gallery, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.
  • Booking?
    E-mail us for rates and availability. A 50% deposit is required to secure your dates. Studio time is not officially booked until deposit is received. Studio time is booked on a first come-first served basis. Sessions cancelled more than 7 days prior will receive a refund of the deposit in full towards Re-Booking. Sessions cancelled less than 7 days prior will not be refunded their deposit. Top
  • What is included in the rate?
    The rate includes the room, use of all of the gear, and an engineer. We have various rates for the different rooms, times and engineers. Feel free to contact us for these rates! Top
  • When should I pay for my recording?
    At the Gallery of Carpet we require half of the estimated project cost up front (in cash or certified check/money order, paypal). Payment must be made IN FULL on all balances to receive your final mix / files. Top
  • Where did you get the name "Gallery of Carpet?"
    The Gallery of Carpet originated underground. The Carpet kept us warm - not only did it cover the floor but all the walls as well. It also helped to dampen acoustic reflections. The name stuck, and the secret still stays in the carpet. Top
  • What styles of music do you record?
    We are excited to record every style of music. Top
  • What microphones do you use on drums?
    That depends on the sound that you're going for, and the sound that your drum set actually produces. Top
  • Can you make my band sound good?
    Yes we can make you sound good, but the performances are up to you. We can spend the time editing your performance to make it 'tight", this is very time consuming and doesn't always yield perfect results. Top
  • What's the secret sound of the "Gallery of Carpet?"
    Music Engineering specifically tailored to your project and your musical vision. Top
  • My band is looking for someone to Produce our record, can you help?
    Our engineers were musicians before they became engineers / producers and have years of experience. Email us, let us know what you are looking to accomplish with your record, we would love to help. Top
  • What's the difference between recording and producing?
    When recording, we're looking to capture your performance, and that's the focus of our job. Production can include a focus on the song, stucture and performance among other things. This usually takes more time, and often involves pre-production, but tends to result in a tighter, more focused project. Top
  • Why should I record to Analog Tape?
    Why not record to analog tape? Analog tape is the ultimate way to make your record sound like your favorite albums. Over 60 years in devolopment compared to digital's 20 odd years. When bands ask for that "warm tone", they are really asking for the sound that only tape can deliver. Top
  • Why should I record to ProTools?
    ProTools HD offers high sample rates to capture the source as you hear it. This may not always be what you are looking for (see prev. Question). ProTools sounds exact and precise, the editing possibilities are endless. Top
  • I like the sound of Tape, but like the versitility of ProTools. Which should I use?
    At the Gallery we love to initialy record to Analog tape for the tone and vibe it brings to a recording. Then we like to transfer the analog recording at a high sample rate to ProTools for its versitility. This is the best of both worlds. Top
  • Does it cost extra to record to analog tape?
    At the GoC it does not cost a penny extra. At other studios its $300 per roll and you only get 16 minutes of time per tape. We are dedicated to keeping analog alive. Try might like it. Top
  • Should I get new strings for the guitars / bass, and new skins for the drums?
    That is usually a great idea. New skins and strings tend to have a more detailed sound, and will make your recording sound that much better. Bring extra strings too! We have a mechanical drum tuner to help perfect your tunings which will allow your kit to resonate more musically, cutting down on those nasty overtones. Top
  • Why is your address not posted on your site?
    For the privacy of our clients we do not advertise our exact discrete location. Top
  • How do I prepare my guitar/bass for recording?
    Please make sure your instrument is in top playing condition. I can document an accurate recording of an out of tune guitar, there are no magic plugins that will make your bass or plug in perfectly in tune. I recommend a professional set up and intonation with new strings. Please tell your professional guitar tech how you play and your style so he can set your action appropriately. Top
  • Can I play my drums to a click track?
    Of course, but I recomend practice and more practice at home with an accented click track, this will help your timing as a band. Sometimes its a good to play with out headphones or a click. It all depends on your sound and style. Top
  • How do I prepare my Drums for recording?
    New drum skins are a great idea. Put them on a few days before so they can settle in and hold tune. Different skins provide different drums tones. Top
  • Do you guys do mastering?
    Yes we do! We use many tools of the mastering trade both digital and analog to shape and color your final mix and give it that final touch or gloss. Top