Gallery of Carpet Recording Studio
The Gallery of Carpet is a full service recording studio established in 2002 and owned by producer Brian Zieske .  GoC provides vintage/modern analog and HD digital; recording, mixing, CD mastering, editing, restoration, analog to digital transfer and music production services.  We work with all genres of music and our rates are competitively priced below other Chicago analog/digital studios.
Located in historical downtown VillaPark, IL the GoC lies directly in the center of Chicago land near I294, I290, I88, and Rt 83 the GoC is easily accessible by car.  The Metro Union Pacific West line from Chicago also runs directly through Villa Park bringing clients within walking distance to the studio.
The Gallery of Carpet Recording Studio is built within a historical building. Over the last 75+ years this building has seen a movie theatre during the depression, a roller rink and even a YMCA gym during WW2    The studio space includes an acoustically and musically tuned live room containing wood floors and three isolation booths. This setup is optimal for recording live sessions while maintaining proper isolation between instruments.  Our unique combination microphones, and robust vintage and modern analog gear provide you with many creative options for your sound.

The GoC is capable
of recording and documenting a musical performance
completely to 2" analog tape as used in many legendary recordings.
Gallery of Carpet is also capable of producing  modern tones using cutting edge digital recording techniques.  Much like a painter, we use many select tools to create an image that emotes and inspires, we use many select tools to create a recording with color, texture, and depth; a recording that represents the artist's unique vision.  With the right tools and an atmosphere where the artist feels comfortable, the creative possibilities are endless.

What is your sound?